Charcoal - C21 Classic Grey - C33 Platinum - C57 Steadman Buff - C52
Dark Red - C27 Brick Red - C26 Tile Red - C28 Russet - C24
Walnut - C31 Dark Brown - C23 Hardwood - C25 Terracotta - C29
Nutmeg - C55 Desert Tan - C53 Sandstone - C51 Cream - C59
These colours are approximate and and are screen representative. Colours also can vary due to the colour of the medium applied to. More colours are available on request including designer colours, you can veiw these here.
Ashler Slate European Fan
London Cobble Random Stone
This is just a small sample of our most popular patterns, more patterns are available on request. The finished surface is a two-tone effect of base colour and shading, such as Red/Charcoal or Sandstone/Walnut.


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