Customers seeking quality driveways and patios, you now have access to the wonderful uses of Pattern Imprinted Concrete systems. Many people (including Architects) are unaware of these systems despite over 25yrs of successful use in Ireland. Individual farsighted Installers are in place in certain areas, but for various reasons are localised, leaving many towns, and cities as well, with no proper availability.              

When used for Driveways, Patios and commercial areas, the beautiful finished surface will not fade or spoil with weeds or settlement. Several main variations are available (subsurface dependent) ranging from full installation, (100mls deep, with Pattern and two-tone finish), to surface covers in full colour with stencilled patterns of various design, that can be applied over brick, tarmac or plain concrete! These applications result in increased value and enjoyment of your property and represent, as so many good jobs do, better value for money.               
Further, the resulting Driveway or Patio, has no irritation factor as the common problems are immediately and permanently eliminated. There is enough trouble about without going and paying good money for more! I invite your attention to these state of the art solutions to irritation and maintenance free, beautiful Driveways and Patios. Jerome Mallon. Proprietor of Concrete Impressions Ireland.

Below are samples of our most recent work, to see a larger image please click on photograph.


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