Installers, and would-be Installers, We are The All-Ireland sole Distributors of Europe's' No. 1 quality Colour  Hardener. We can arrange comprehensive and continual support to you in the form of consistent supply, full training in the several processes, and lead generation and marketing expertise. Optional point-of-sale Marketing Software is also available.          

We are serious in our support of you, if you are serious about the quality of your work. It is our intention to develop a network of Quality Installers throughout Ireland, thereby enabling the Public full options and access to these wonderful paving systems. There are three major variations of installation available and all represent state of the art methods for resurfacing. There is nothing better on the market!            

For more, in depth information, on the systems, required materials and special tools, please refer to the Manufacturers' website at  and contact us. 


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